A.J. Ceberio is now a Partner at Surratt Thompson & Ceberio, PLLC.

A.J. Ceberio is now a Partner at Surratt Thompson & Ceberio, PLLC.

| Jan 2, 2018 | Firm News |

Surratt & Thompson, PLLC, a Winston-Salem law firm, has added a new name to its letterhead, the firm announced today. A.J. Ceberio joins Bryan C. Thompson as a partner at Surratt Thompson & Ceberio, PLLC.

“Since joining our firm, A.J. has proven himself to be a highly skilled attorney, with great businesssense that brings new, exciting ideas to the workplace. I have the utmost confidence that he is the right partner for our firm,” says Thompson.


Ceberio began working with the firm while he was just a first year law student at Wake Forest University. Though the attorneys at Surratt Thompson & Ceberio enjoy a diverse practice, A.J. focuses the majority of his time in corporate, real estate, civil litigation, estate, and trust matters.

A native of Key West, Florida, A.J. has extensive real estate and corporate experience, spending time as a licensed real estate appraiser prior to moving to North Carolina.

“I am thrilled to begin my new role as a partner at Surratt Thompson & Ceberio. I chose to join Surratt & Thompson to be a part of its unmatched commitment to our clients. I will continue to work diligently to honor the firm’s outstanding reputation while enhancing its growth for the next several decades,” says Ceberio.

In October, the firm relocated from the Wells Fargo Center to the Col. William Allen Blair house, a historic home built in 1901, located at 210 South Cherry Street.