Civil Litigation

Civil Litigation

The litigation attorneys of Freedman, Thompson, Witt, Ceberio & Byrd, PLLC, represent both plaintiffs and defendants in individual, corporate, and domestic cases in all North Carolina State and Federal Courts.

We serve as counsel in a diverse array of matters with various degrees of complexity, including, but certainly not limited to, collections, contract, and personal injury cases. Civil Litigation covers a wide variety of disputes, such as the following:

  • Collections and debt defense
  • Real property disputes
  • Trust and estate litigation
  • Business and corporate litigation
  • Evictions by landlords
  • Personal injury claims
  • and more

Our attorneys are equipped with the knowledge of procedural and substantive law. Our attorneys know the mechanics of the legal system and have the experience working through unique legal proceedings so they are ready to fight for the best outcome for clients.

Litigation matters require patience and stamina. Over the years, our experienced attorneys have built up the endurance required. While every civil litigation case presents a unique obstacle, we are always ready to confront them and represent you through every step in the legal process. Because no two civil litigation cases are exactly the same, the attorneys of Freedman, Thompson, Witt, Ceberio & Byrd, PLLC, are dedicated to developing innovative and creative solutions for your specific legal situation.

The firm’s litigation philosophy is to eliminate wasteful and unnecessary litigation tactics while providing zealous representation.

Many civil litigation cases go through various stages, from investigation, pleadings, discovery, pretrial motions, mediation or arbitration, to a trial, and sometimes an appeal. No matter the length or complexity of your case, rest assured that our civil litigation attorneys will lead you through every step. Our goal is to expedite the legal process, and alleviate your stress, by eliminating unnecessary stages while still fighting for the best possible outcome.

If you are involved in a civil legal dispute, work with our team of attorneys who are dedicated to making you feel comfortable and respected, while using our expertise to fight for the best possible outcome.

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