DWI Defense

Let A Skilled Defense Team Handle Your North Carolina DWI

A conviction for driving while impaired (DWI) in North Carolina can result in a suspended license, jail or prison time, and a permanent criminal record. Meanwhile, many charged with DWI are acquitted. To give yourself the best possible chance to succeed, it’s important to lean on an experienced DWI defense team. Our attorneys are ready to help you work towards a favorable outcome. 

The Difference Our Attorneys Make To Your Case

Our attorney will explain possible DWI defense strategies, and the likely outcome of each. Do you need a drivers’ license to attend school, work or take care of your family? You may be able to get limited driving privileges while you wait for your court date. How strong is the case against you? Our DWI defense lawyers and forensic specialists may be able to successfully challenge police procedures at the time of your arrest and the evidence supporting the DWI charge.

A judge might fail to be convinced a borderline .08 or .09 BAC breathalyzer reading is adequate evidence of intoxication. The police or highway patrol officer might not have had justification for your traffic stop or arrest. Your field sobriety test might not have been administered properly, or police may have failed to follow standard procedures.

Other Vehicle-Related Charges We Work With 

In addition to working with DWI defense, we also work with two other main types of vehicle-related cases: driving on a suspended/revoked license and criminal vehicular homicide.

Driving On A Suspended License/Revoked License

A conviction for driving on a suspended license or revoked license can mean the license will be suspended for additional time or permanently revoked. There may be a good explanation for your action. Feel free to contact a lawyer and find out if you have a case.

Criminal Vehicular Homicide

Attorneys in our criminal law practice have extensive experience in representing clients charged with vehicular homicide. Jones P. Byrd, Jr. has handled many of these cases successfully, and David Freedman is a respected lecturer on DWI defense issues.

If you were driving in an accident where someone was seriously injured or killed, it is extremely important to talk to a lawyer immediately, whether or not you think you are going to be charged with a crime.

Begin Crafting Your DWI Defense With Our Firm Today! 

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