State & Federal Drug Crimes

North Carolina And Federal Drug Charge Defense

If you are charged with marijuana or cocaine possession or trafficking, or have been questioned in connection with any drug crime investigation, preserve your right to the strongest possible defense. Do not make any statement to an investigator or law enforcement official until you have talked to a lawyer.

Contact our office to arrange a free consultation. A lawyer from our criminal defense practice will carefully evaluate your situation and explain what defense strategies are appropriate and advise you on how to proceed.

Our Lawyers Have Won Numerous Jury Trials In Drug Crime Cases

Attorneys at Freedman, Thompson, Witt, Ceberio & Byrd, PLLC, have won hundreds of jury trials in state and federal courts throughout North Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia and neighboring states. When you contact our firm, you will speak with a lawyer well-qualified to assess your situation in light of your goals and advise you on how to proceed.

Handling Charges Of Possession, Trafficking And Conspiracy

Federal drug enforcement agencies and prosecutors are inclined to charge suspects with the highest level of offense available. Our attorneys begin an aggressive defense as soon as we take the case, often before charges have been filed. This includes handling all types of drug crime cases, including cocaine and marijuana possession and drug trafficking, including complex cases involving elements of white collar crime. Recently we provided defense representation to a client in an interstate and international case where charges included conspiracy, unauthorized manufacture, and trafficking of prescription drugs.

Drug Crime Defense Strategies

The state’s position in a drug crime case must be supported by evidence acquired through proper procedures. Defense strategies our attorneys always consider include a motion to suppress evidence acquired through illegal search and seizure; evidence that our client’s Constitutional right against self incrimination was violated; and whether our client was actually in possession of the drugs in question. If the case involves an alleged conspiracy, we will find out what our client’s co-defendant said, and question whether it is credible and admissible.

If you would like to discuss defense representation against charges of drug possession, drug trafficking or conspiracy, we invite you to call us at 336-725-8323 or e-mail our Winston-Salem office to arrange a free consultation with one of our criminal defense lawyers. The attorney will evaluate your goals and resources and advise you on how to proceed.