Will Contests & Estate Litigation

Representing Parties In Will Contests And Estate Litigation

Attorneys at Freedman, Thompson, Witt, Ceberio, and Byrd, PLLC represent parties to trust and will contests, assisting them in asserting their rights in probate courts throughout North Carolina. Lead attorney Dudley Witt has extensive experience in estate litigation, including complex interstate proceedings. Mr. Witt and other members of our civil litigation practice are prepared to represent heirs, beneficiaries, trustees, executors and other parties with matters before North Carolina probate courts. We welcome out of state clients. Matters our lawyers handle include the following:

  • Will caveats
  • Tests of the validity of wills
  • Defense of wills at probate
  • Representation of guardians
  • Conflict of interest
  • Breach of fiduciary duty

If you are concerned about a probate issue, we encourage you to consult with a lawyer at the earliest opportunity. North Carolina has strict limitations on the right of interested parties to contest a will or the administration of an estate. Losses due to breach of fiduciary duty and misuse of trust funds become more difficult to remedy as time goes on. An issue such as a restraining order to prevent the inappropriate disposition of a body requires immediate action.

If you are concerned that about the administration of an estate or trust, or wish to contest a will, guardianship or other matter before the probate court, we invite you to call us at 336-725-8323 or e-mail our office to arrange a free consultation with one of our civil litigation attorneys. We have offices in Winston-Salem.