Real Estate

Real Estate

Freedman, Thompson, Witt, Ceberio & Byrd, PLLC, represents buyers, borrowers, sellers and lenders in all aspects of residential and commercial real estate transactions.

Our services include the performance of title searches and completion of loan closing transactions for purchases and loan refinances. The group also actively represent builders and developers in Forsyth and surrounding counties with:

  • Land acquisition
  • Development planning
  • Successful transfer of property to end users
  • Commercial real estate transactions
  • Drafting of residential and commercial leases
  • Preparation of easements and rights-of-way

In addition, the real property Attorneys at Freedman, Thompson, Witt, Ceberio & Byrd, PLLC, are active in litigation matters arising from real estate, including condemnation, partition, and Homeowners’ Association representation.

We are experienced providers of legal services to individuals, businesses, and lenders in residential and commercial real estate transactions.

We use our expertise to help you navigate through and comply with all the legal requirements of Real Estate law, ensuring a clear and coherent closing for you.

Our goal is to make your life easier by preparing all of the documents necessary to effect a transfer of the title and proper recording of the lender’s deed of trust. As a result of our experience, we know what problems can occur further down the road if there are any deficiencies in the transaction. Our attorneys make the legal process easy for you and create a solid foundation, so you can avoid problems in the future.

We conduct title examinations and certify the status of title to owners, lenders, and title insurance companies. We can assist in clearing title problems, preparing easement agreements, and prosecuting or defending actions involving real estate issues.

Buying a home or commercial property is a big decision. Allow the attorneys at Freedman, Thompson, Witt, Ceberio & Byrd, PLLC, to ensure you and your property are well protected!

We fight for our clients whether they are buying a new home or facing difficult legal proceedings. Because sometimes Real Estate law is tedious and disheartening, we want to make you feel comfortable asking for our help, no matter if you are facing a condemnation, purchasing a new home, or anything in between.

We guide you through the Real Estate law processes in a clear and relaxed environment so you are confident in your legal representation throughout the proceedings.